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Site Dust Suppression

Common applications

Washing and rinsing processes.
Quenching and cooling coke, primary metals and other materials.
Suppression of fugitive dust in processing of bulk ores, coal, stone, sand and gravel.
Scrubbing, washing and cooling of flue gasses to remove fly ash.

Deluging combustible materials.

Dust Suppression

A J Specialist Welding Environmental Solutions have been employed
in many material handling situations:

Slag processing
Quarry plant
Coating plant depots
Dust Suppression

A steelworks haulroad

This 24 hour operation requires a reliable, fully automatic roadspray system to maintain a damping at all times combined with a requirement to conserve water. A J Specialist Welding were able to provide the system.

The versatile Promax System

This unique design makes tip changing effortless, construction material is chemically coupled, glass-reinforced engineering grade polypropylene combining strength, durability and chemical resistance.

Versatile and cost effective

Split eyelet nozzle bodies provide a fast and economical way of installation on to pipe. Drill a 7.2mm hole in the pipe and clamp the assembly in place for a positive, leak proof seal. The body inlet extends well into the pipe to retard the entry of sediment and minimise clogging. Nozzles will withstand pressures of up to 250psi (17 bar) and provide flow rates of up to 3gpm.

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